Kid CuDi

Kid CuDi is on the cover of the October/November issue of American magazine “Complex” and he gave some surprising news that no one really knew about. He revealed that he has a daughter named Vada who was born last March. He didn’t know it himself and when he did, he kept it from everyone.

Kid CuDi described his experience being a dad as a stressful job, but is willing to accept responsibility in taking care of his 6-month old daughter. He said, “I want to be around for her. I can honestly say she was the wake-up call. The reality that it’s bigger than just you now—you have a responsibility and there’s no more time for mistakes…”

The rapper said that he is excited to watch her grow up and becoming a dad. He said, “That’s why I always told myself I’m going to make these songs for my kids, so they can follow along and know my story, if something was ever to happen to me.”

Let’s see if his daughter will become an influence to him and his music. His upcoming album is scheduled before the end of 2010.

Written by Mufsin Mahbub

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