Kid Cudi

Having problems with fans at shows in the past, Kid Cudi had another confrontation with a fan the other day at a homecoming show in Cleveland.

A man, pressingly drunk, ran up on Cudi while he was preforming on stage and was immediately detained by security. But the drama didn’t stop their, as Cudi jumped off the stage and chased the crazed man to confront him personally before his own security had to restrain him. See the video of the event below.

In other news, Cudi has recently broken the silence on his June 11 arrest where he was accused of breaking down a woman’s door and possessing liquid cocaine. “I know you guys were hearing some s**t about me in the news,” he said at a recent concert in Brooklyn. “I was wilding out and s**t, but I’m good now I just smoke weed. I know n**as die when they 27. I’m 26 now, but I promise I’ll live till i’m old as s**t.”

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