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Cleveland rapper, Kid Cudi, hung up his microphone and picked up an acting script. Premiering next week, Kid Cudi will be featuring on HBO’s new comedy series “How To Make It In America.”

Executive producers, Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson, which they also produced the hit show “Entourage,” is about the life of three young males hustling their way through downtown Manhattan. With hopes of finding careers and their inner self, the trio goes through an amusing journey, in hopes to live the “American dream.” Cudi plays the character named “Domingo,” who appears to be the party animal amongst the group.

Despite the rapper’s inexperience in acting, he actually grabbed the acting role quite quickly. “When we’re rehearsing a scene or talking about a scene, he’ll be telling me my lines before I even know them,” stated fellow cast member, Bryan Greensburg, who stars as “Ben.” Though Cudi may be able to recite the script, his recognition in hip-hop pays no dues in acting realm. “I feel like this acting thing is me starting over and I have a lot to prove,” stated Cudi. “And I like that. I understand my position.”

Celebrating the new series, Kid Cudi, DJ Green Lantern & Broke Mogul teamed up to present the “How To Make It In America” mixtape. Hosted by Cudi, he weaves in and out the mixtape while discussing the cast, show and his acting aspirations. The compilation features a multi-genre mixture of tracks from artists such as, Jadakiss, Chromeo, Lupe Fiasco, Phoenix and more.

Written By Shabazz

“How To Make It In America” debuts on HBO on February 14th. Check out the trailer below.

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