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Khoudia Diop, the Senegalese model who is taking the internet by storm

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Meet Senegalese/French-born model, Khoudia Diop a.k.a the @melaniin.goddess who is breaking the internet and receiving so much media attention for her melanin rich skin.

Khoudia Diop, is a 19-year-old student and model from Senegal and has a skin color that you don’t often see in films, fashion or magazines. It’s so dark, she says, it almost seems blue.

The Colored Girl

Back in the day, Diop was criticized for the color of her skin, getting called « darkie » and « god of the night » but instead of letting criticism bring her down, she embraced it and it’s what shot her into the social media fame.

In August 2016, she posed in a photo campaign with black women of all shades for The Colored Girl, a creative agency that challenges society’s beauty standards. After partnering with The Colored Girl, the images of Diop went viral online. Today, she is a full-time model who first made her mark in Paris before moving to New York.

« I grew up in Senegal, where more than 50 percent of the women bleach their skin, and skin bleaching is a huge deal. I grew up seeing my cousins and my aunts using it. My cousin pressured me and they wanted me to use skin bleaching products but my sister said you’re not using it because a lot of them experience the damages [from it]. »

The fame

Diop’s sudden online fame in numbers… she went from 300 to 430K followers on Instagram in a matter of months and that is a GREAT sign for an industry often criticized for its lack of diversity. According to a diversity report by The Fashion Spot, only around a quarter of the women that strut the catwalks of the industry’s largest events are models of color.

Check out her interview for Elle Magazine where Koudia speaks out about discrimination here!


Here is our exclusive interview with KHOUDIA DIOP !

Do you think it’s important to dedicated a day / a month to women?

I think it’s very important to celebrate what women are doing and dedicating a day or month is a great thing !

Who is the woman that inspires you the most?

Lupita Nyong’o and my mom.

What song do you listen to when you need motivation?

Youssou Ndour “So Many Men” but also french rapper Kaaris !


What movie could you watch a 100 times?


Which book do you consider is your bible?

“So long a letter ” from Mariama Ba.

What is the object you always have to have with you?

My lip gloss.

The best advice you could have given your younger self?

Be patient and don’t waste your energy on negative people.

The perfect meme that describes your current state of mind?




Company: The Colored Girl, @thecgirlinc

Campaign (feat. Khoudia, launched her career): The Colored Girl: Rebirth

Website (for hyperlink):

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