Khloe Kardashian: she shows her impressive behind in Beverly Hills

It’s official, on the scale of “who has the biggest behind in the Kardashians family”, it’s Khloé who wins the big cake! Sorry for Kim, but if she wants to be number one then she’ll have to rely on squats!The youngest of the Kardashian’s sisters gave some news of her buttocks yesterday afternoon. While she has been going to the gym for months, and Khloé graced her fans with a photo showing her physical advantages and gym results! She seems to be very proud to display her outfit, she says ” Rocking @aplrunning from top to bottom!!! I’m so proud of you Adam and Ryan! I’m in love with all of it! #Fitness ».

A feminine pose, hand on the size, the second holding her iPhone for a perfect selfie, diaper stood, head slightly turned, Khloé wants to be sexy, anytime, everywhere. She also seems to want to steal the show from her sisters. “Koko” was first spotted by some paparazzi when she went to her dermatologist office in Beverly Hills, California, and obviously the photographers seem to have lingered a bit on her behind!

Another beautiful highlighting of a brand by a Instagram’s star! Khloé has about 18.8 million followers, we imagine that the training suit was offered in change of the Selfie which will bring enormous publicity for the brand.Do you think that Khloé has the biggest butt of the family?

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