Khloé Kardashian: she sends an implicit message to her ex Lamar Odom!

Khloé Kardashian has many difficulties to choose between her two former exes’ French Montana and Lamar Odom. We thought her choice was finally settled on French, with whom she went on vacation for Spring Break. But yesterday, Khloé got lost in her thought, as she displayed a picture of her Lamar’s tattoo on Instagram.The photo shows the hand of Khloé around the gear lever of her Bentley, and she probably did it on purpose to expose the Lamar tattoo. This tattoo means a lot for them since she did it right after their marriage in 2009. Will she be able to get his attention? In the comment section, she was less talkative but just as direct as she put an emoji heart … Although they were separated in 2013, Khloé has since dragged her feet for divorce. She didn’t show to court to finish the divorce’s files, and Lamar either!And with all that, what should think French? No answer on his side, the rapper is too busy having fun with the latest BMW i8 he just bought. After rowing to get Khloé back, they even left on vacation for Spring Break with some friends, and seemed to have fun. Anyway, the picture supports the theory that Khloé and Lamar are hoping for reconciliation.Do you think that Khloé will get back with Lamar?

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