Khloe Kardashian: her best friend Malika clashes French Montana

As you learned recently, Khloé Kardashian fell one more time into French Montana’s arms after a little break and she hesitated between him and her other ex Lamar Odom. But the news doesn’t please everyone, since Khloé’s best friend Malika Haqq took aim directly at the rapper in a turbulent altercation…The 30 years old reality TV star has finally made her choice and has unleashed the wrath of her family at the same time. If Khloé wants to give a chance to French Montana, it does not make her best friend Malika happy since she is ready to go to war with the rapper. Malika doesn’t want her best friend to get back with a man who made her suffer in the past.In the video we see the group of friends sitting at a Las Vegas restaurant table when French enters. Khloé whispers in his ear that Malika “doesn’t want him to sit next to her.” Within a minute, an altercation broke out in a corner between French and Malika, which made him realize that he has no place to be here. The rapper doesn’t understand the rage of Malika and the woman declared: ” When you break up with someone…you do not hand out with them.”Khloé is now in the middle of a triangle, she will certainly have to chose between her boyfriend and her bestfriend. Malika then said “I don’t claim to know the best relationship that Khloé should be in,” Haqq tells the camera, insisting. “When it comes to men it’s been very difficult for me to watch her engage and breakup in relationships. I’ve become very protective of her … It all comes from a very loving place. This is very hard for me.”

Do you think that Khloé will listen to her best friend?

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