Kevin Seraphin’s pet snake goes missing

Some have little kittens and other have huge dogs. Kevin Seraphin, he’s on another level. His animal companion is very small, but the basketballer still can’t put it in his luggage when he goes abroad. His pet? A snake!

So then, beware of careless snake sitters.

Seraphin recently remarked “My mate had lost it, he called me saying the snake was no longer in it’s cage. And I replied “what do you want to do, now? I’m in camp, I’m in the French team, I can’t take a plane and what am I going to say? “Vincent, my snake has gone, I have to go and get it”? So I said “there’s not much I can do”. I think he went and hid in some amplifiers, because in fact he’s able to stay in a spot and not move until he’s hungry and given that I only feed him once a month naturally he’s able to not move for a whole month. And finally he came out and we found him.”

Your average guy, Kevin Seraphin! Check out a picture of “Snakey” that the Washington Wizards power forward posted on Twitter.

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