Keri Hilson

After a successful hit with her debut album, “In a Perfect World…,” Keri Hilson, R&B singer and international celebrity, is working towards the release of her second album, “No Boys Allowed.”

The follow-up album is expected to be in stores November 30. Mentors from her first album such as Timbaland and Polow Da Don, will guide the sophomore album. From her twitter, @MissKeriBaby announced working in the studio with artists such as Kanye West.

The single, “Breaking Point,” is already out on the radio, reminding everyone of the arrival of Hilson’s album. Another song, “Still A Girl,” was released online, a mid-tempo ballad, complete with guitar, adding a sensitive touch. Whether or not it will be on the second album has yet to be determined.

Hilson’s next album will take a different path from her first, which was loaded with love songs and all the joys of being in love. In “No Boys Allowed,” there is a shift, approaching the darker side of love. Keri sings of losing patience with men who push them to their limits, something many women can relate to. Hilson tweeted, “I’m writin something from personal experience, but I know somebody out there will think I’ve heard their inner conversations…love my job.”

Written by Catherine

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