Kendall: Topless for LOVE Magazine!

The Kardashian clan LOVE magazine’s takeover continues as more pictures leak online. After Kim posing nude and Kylie Jenner‘s metamorphosis, it’s time for Kendall to be the star of the shooting. Just like Kim Kardashian, the young model does not lack boldness and expects to make buzz!

If for the cover of the magazine, we discover a Kendall, dressed, jumping into the arms of her supermodel girlfriend, Cara Delevingne, in the pages of the magazine, the supermodel decided to drop the top off. High waist shorts, fishnet tights and high heels strapped to the tibia, Kendall poses topless! But what is strange apart the white mask that covers part of her face, is that the young woman appears well busty. A surprising thing for the model who usually displays a much smaller chest during her shows.

Plastic surgery or artistic touch? The Daily Mail seems to believe it is clear that Kendall chest owes its gargantuan proportions to the magic of photo editing while others wonder if the young supermodel would not have given in to the family passion for surgery. Would she have yielded to the temptation of plastic surgery? We do not believe it! We prefer to think that this is just a simple flesh-colored padded bra. And Kendall plans to stay as natural as her sisters and she is not ready to change her fine outline which helped her to start her career model.

Anyway, LOVE Magazine knows how to create the buzz…

Do you think Kendall could have gone through plastic surgery ?

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