Kendall Jenner & Drake: the truth on their relationship!

Kendall Jenner is stirring up passions to such a point that the paparazzis can’t keep an eye off of her and tabloids lend her one thousand relationships. Her latest would be with the rapper Drake! But in this case, we know very well which type of relation they both share …She recently came back from Abu Dhabi where she was travelling for professional reasons. The beautiful Kendall also took advantage of it to have a good time to visit mosques and other typical buildings of the Middle East. The model is literally pursued by photographs and writers who do not hesitate to spread rumors on rumors! The sister of Kim Kardashian hits the headlines with a new boyfriend every month: Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Harry Styles, they all go for it! For this new year, it’s now with the ex of Rihanna, Drake, that she was spotted in a restaurant of Los Angeles last Sunday…Unfortunately for those who would love to see Kelly and Drake together, it’s not the case because they are not in love at all! A source who was present in the restaurant at the time declared «It’s strictly friendship. There was no link between them in the restaurant, because they are not together. They hang out with friends and get some drinks and they had a great moment. They will not push things at the upper level anyway.” Then if it is not Drake, whom Kendall would be fancy with? Do you think that Kendall Jenner is in love? With who?

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