Seems like Nas took hip-hop with him on his way out. As singer Kelis gears up to release her fifth studio album “Flesh Tone,” the singer is drifting away from her typically hip-hop influenced sound in favor of house music. As proof that the “Milkshake” singer is ‘going house,’ the album’s first single “Acapella” was produced by world famous house DJ David Guetta. Also, the “Flesh Tone” cover art shows the new house diva in a metallic space-aged bustier and crown, a good indication of the album’s tone.

Kelis recently told Trace TV that she did receive a record from David Guetta over which she put a melody to craft “Acapella.” She wrote the song for her son Knight, confessing that his birth inspired her. That inspiration, apparently, has been translated into electronic/dance music.

For the musical turning point reflected in “Flesh Tone,” the Harlem-native teamed up with internationally recognized producers like Boyz Noize, Switch, DJ Ammo and, who is also her executor since late 2009. The 9-track record reflects a real evolution in Kelis’ music, but the shift is no surprise. In September 2009, Kelis collaborated on the song “No Security” with the electro-house Italian band “The Crookers.” Besides that, an electric vibe has been subtly integrated into much of Kelis’ music throughout her career. The singer also admitted that for the past seven years she has regularly hit up Ibiza, a spanish temple of house and electro.

“Flesh Tone” is Kelis’ first album since her 2006 release “Kelis Was Here.” The album is set to hit US stores on July 6, but will be released on May 17 in the rest of the world.

Written by Raluca & Shaira

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