“Milkshake” singer Kelis is looking forward to a successful comeback. Fresh off a highly publicized divorce from rapper Nas, the singer goes for a more universal, tribal vibe look in the early release sneak peek of her brand new video “Acapella” which was co-directed by Rankin and Chris Cottam.
The clip available on the singer’ site introduces Kelis with a new label, a new sound and a new album “Flesh Tone” that showcases the singer’s new transformation with a fresh more to dance pop and electronic sultry beat rather than her post hip hop signature style that brought her to the music scene.
Released earlier this year, “Acapella,” which was previously called “Majestic” was written by Kelis alongside her longtime collaborators Makeba Riddick and Jean Baptiste.
The single produced by French DJ David Guetta topped the Billboard Dance & Club Songs chart earlier this month giving the singer her first chart-topper since “Milkshake” was released in 2003.
Kelis, who presents herself less high-fashion and more creative for her new found success said of her hit single, “I knew that I loved it, and I felt really good about it,” and “I just knew that the song felt really real for me.”
Until then let’s hope that “Acapella” will bring back to Kelis some deserving success because Nas will surely be in the lookout for a financial reprieve.

“Flesh Tone” her first album under’s Music Group will be release in June 2010.

“Acapella” will debut on Monday, March 29

Written by Valerie Varasse

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