Karrueche: her breakup with Chris Brown is not easy to live.

When Chris Brown has been announced as the father of a baby girl named Royalty, Karrueche did not hesitate to break up with Breezy right away. We know that Chris misses Karrueche, but now we also learn that the chapter is hard to close for Karrueche.

Indeed, when a member of the team #ChRae posted an old picture of Karrueche and Breezy during their happier times, Karrueche quickly asked the team member to delete it.

Here is the picture:

Fans found Karrueche was overdoing it. Karrueche answer them: «If a n***a broke your heart would you want to see pics of y’all everyday?».

Fans advised her to get off social media if she does not want to see pictures of her and Breezy, but Karrueche said «Nope, I love Iinstagram.».

Moreover, yesterday Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce, claimed her love for her grand daughter, saying: «God makes no mistake. She’s my little Angel».

Finally, some celebrities like Jamie Foxx or Bow Wow are applauding Breezy for stepping up the plate as a new dad. Karrueche probably not really appreciate it.

Do you think Karrueche is overdoing it?

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