Kanye West : watch some unreleased footage of him rapping with his mother.

It is hard for a mother to raise her boy to be a man, but she is the right person to teach him how to love and respect other women. That’s the legacy left by Donda West, Kanye West‘s mother, to his son. Donda West sadly passed away in 2007, but one thing is certain, she loved rap, here is the proof.

In a video extracted from a documentary on the young Kanye West, we can find Kanye and his late mother sharing their love for rap music, singing «Hey Mama». Rap is apparently a family business, because in this video, Donda West showed some pretty good rap skills.

It is a very touching scene which highlights Donda’s love for his son’s art, and how proud she was of his son.

Watch the video below:

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