Kanye West: Obama puts him in his place!

Last Thursday, The President of the United States was the special guest of Jimmy Kimmel. If the President demonstrated a great sense of humor by reading “Mean Tweets”, he found it less funny to talk about his supposedly friendship with Kanye West.

It was during his lecture at the University of Oxford that the rapper said the US President was often in touch with him and his wife, Kim, “Obama calls the home phone,” or “I am a servant (of my country) with my voice, my ability to build relationships with incredible people, talking to people or calling Obama at any moment,” quoted Jimmy Kimmel before asking if the President really had Kanye’s number and vice versa.

For Obama, the response is pretty clear: “I met Kanye West twice.The first time when I was a senator, and he had just to gotten big […] And then about 6 months ago[… ]. I love his music, but I do not think I have his home number.”

But the egocentric rapper insists and underlines the bad faith of the president: “I love Obama. He called our house before. He knows that”, he told a herd of reporters at the Los Angeles airport before adding “Don’t try to pit us against each other.”

Apparently, the rapper’s humble phase is over. Jimmy Kimmel even laughed when Obama called Kanye a “elegant” but especially “reserved” character. We really hope he will calm down now that he has been humiliated by the US President on National TV and hopefully that he will learn something from it.

Do you think he lied? Do you think Kanye needs a friend?

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