Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, Jay Z, Gwen Stefani and Naomi Campbell: these stars who have (almost) no wrinkle!

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Will Smith… these celebrities are constantly under the spotlights and keep a close watch on their images. Their worst fear and doubt is to grow older like any person who reaches a certain age. But apparently these stars have a secret that would give them the ability to fight the effects of time.

Their faces does not take a wrinkle and we are under the impression that they remain frozen in time. While some say plastic surgery might be for something, or with their well filled bank account, they can afford miracles products, anti-wrinkle creams or otherwise, the fact remains that years go by and they have the same face to the point that it becomes impossible to guess their ages! We wonder if they do not swim in the fountain of youth.

Anyway, miracle products or not, it is amazing! Check out the pictures of these stars who do not age.

Pharrell Williams/ 50 Cent/ Alicia Keys/ Beyonce/ Gwen Stefani/ Jennifer Lopez/ Kanye West/ Halle Berry/ Jamie Foxx/ ChristinaAguilera/ Jay Z/ Shakira/ Will Smith/ Jessica Alba/ Naomi Campbell

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