Kanye West is graduating

Kanye is determined to bring hip-hop to a whole new level. “Creativity is something I take very seriously” he told trace.tv. As opposed to other rappers, “I am dedicated to it”.

The video “stronger” is the best illustration of Kanye’s ambition to push all the limits and become the number one artist in the world.

The Louis Vuiton Don refuses to limit himself to Hip-Hop.The upcoming album features only a few hip-hop artist, DJ Premier and Mos Def, the other featurings are Jon Brion, John Mayer,Daft Punk, Colplay.

He also refuses to do the same thing twice, “that’s what creativity is about, you gotta surprise people”, the first surprise of the album could be the first single “Can’t tell me nothing” this song is not only diferent from what we are used to hear from Kanye but most importantly, it doesn’t have any sample. The voices on the track are from Naki an artist from Australia…

Kanye West’s “graduation” is definitely gonna raise the bar. With this album, the whole hip-hop is about to graduate.
«Our lives are a movie, I’m just providing the soundtrack »And he does it pretty well.
“Graduation” in store August 21.

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