Kanye West: he wants to confront Rob Kardashian!

Last weekend, Rob Kardashian has incurred the wrath of his famous clan by insulting violently his sister on Instagram, calling her a “B**ch”. If we do not know the real reason of this attack, a source close to the young man says “Rob think Kim is two-faced.”

By the way, if Rob did not attend his sister’s wedding last summer, it is because she would have prohibited him the entry for being “too fat”… And despite the love message she recently sent him for his 28th birthday, Rob would have celebrated it with his sister Khloé for only companion…

Rob suffers from social anxiety,” claims the bimbo to justify his brother’s attacks. Kim does seem to snub Rob, but Kanye West, just like his stepmother, does not really enjoy this criticism addressed towards the mother of his daughter.

The rapper would be mad against his brother in law: “Kanye West did not appreciate that Rob insulted Kim like that,” told a family friend to HollywoodLife, before adding “no one, not even her family, has the right to disrespect the mother of his child and there’s no excuse.” If Kim was able to calm Kanye down, the rapper wants to meet Rob for a men talk about his anger issues.

Do you think Kanye will remain calm if he talks with Rob?

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