Kanye West: he creates a riot in a fast food!

Kanye West is not known for being modest! And once again he proved it… Hours before going to the BRIT Awards where he performed, Kanye made a small detour to the English fast food chain Nando’s.

As usual, the rapper made the show. Yeezus is not an average joe, and does not order his food like everyone else. Kanye has indeed stepped on a restaurant table creating a huge craze. And as the crowd asked for pictures, the man behind “Only One” replied: “You want a picture with me ? It’s your chance!”. Nice! Not smiling as usual, Kanye ordered his meal while taking selfies with customer: a burger, fries, a double hamburger, garlic bread, 1/2 hot chicken and 2 spicy rice bowls for Mr. West!

Fans were quick to share the surprise on social networks and even Nando’s, which publishes a photo on its Twitter account with the caption: “So, it turns out Kanye is much taller in real life… #NandosO2 “

So, it turns out Kanye is much taller in real life… #NandosO2 pic.twitter.com/fccOkaZS6K

— Nando’s (@NandosUK) 25 Février 2015

Kanye West in Nando’s #bammmmmmmmmmmmmm

— Tim (@TimLindon) 25 Février 2015

Kanye was at a Nando’s and stood up on a table and said “Whoever wants a motherfucking picture, lets do it now” 😂 pic.twitter.com/xTOcqog8Jn

— I’m Shmacked (@ImShmacked) 25 Février 2015

Do you think chicken makes him being nice?

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