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During his short trip to Paris for his “Glow In The Dark Tour”, Kanye West introduced his upcoming 4th album “808’s & Heartbreak” at a press conference pretty much solicited.

And, then you guys ask: “So?? How does it sound like? Well, the answer is: “Pop, electro, noisy and auto-tuned!” He’s done with rap and hip hop beats. The sound is far away from “Graduation” and much more from “College dropout” and “Late Registration”. Anyway, Kanye does whatever he wants. He says and repeats it :”I don’t make music for people, but only for me”.

The critics on his artistic choices or expressing a hint of nostalgia on his past rapper flow, Kanye does not care. He only follows his desires.

So…He wanted to sing! He sings. The auto-tune is definitely not a way to embellish his voice. No, it’s only a way to please him. That’s it: “I just wanted to do the auto-tune just like if I wanted wear a blazer or a t-shirt”.

He arrived at such a high level that he doesn’t seem to care about many things any more. Not even at awards he could receive at the MTV Europ Music Awards: “I don’t even want to be nominated by them. Who the hell are they to judge my music, they don’t know anything. They’re always wrong. I just wanted them to tell me at what time was I supposed to perform on stage, that’s all”. Ok so, we kinda want to agree with him…

Kanye the-big-head is still on top, rapping, producing, or singing. And the numbers talk by themselves: His two first singles “Love Lockdown” and “Heartless” are absolute big hits and his concerts are always full, just like November 20th in Paris in Bercy.

He’s determined to stay on top. No one’s gonna tell him what to do.

KANYE WEST 2008 - mytrace
KANYE WEST 2008 – mytrace

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