Kanye West

Last week, TRACE was announcing the return of Kanye West in the news for something else than his big ego: the release of his amazing new track “Power.” It turns out that when Kanye doesn’t make a lot of noise about his personal life, another member of his family does!

Mr West lent his Hawaï house to his careless cousin who let people sneak in and steal the rapper’s Porsche. The thieves didn’t really make the most out of the loot as they ended up crashing the car into a wall. “There was a tremendous crash. As if a small building were coming down. I looked over and saw the car impaled in the garage” reported an eyewitness to Hollyscoop.

Ironically, the three men who were seen running away after the accident should have listened to Kanye’s song “Drive Slow” if they wanted to be more successful!

Written by Liv

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