Kanye West

Compiled into a 35-minute video, Runaway, directed by Kanye West provided a story line starring model Selita Ebanks, with a soundtrack extract of his upcoming album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

A creative attempt to illustrate the opposite extremes within his music and possibly the world, West’s short film pictured scenes of nature and modernity, chaos and calmness, and finally the ultimate odds of good versus evil, evidently portraying themes of rebirth and social ostracism.

The film begins with scenes of nature and pop-ups of explosion. West is driving furiously down the road. Nicki Minaj, with a touch of British glamour, opens up with a monologue. His drive is interrupted when a fireball comes out and lights up the screen. Stepping out to inspect the damage, West instead, finds a phoenix lying on the ground. This is where the story starts…

To see the full video click bellow

Written by Catherine

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