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Kanye West may well be known as a rapper but next month the artist will be releasing his third book called “Through The Wire.” The biography about the egocentric MC will analyze a dozen of his songs that he has released since his 2003 debut album “College Dropout.”

“Through The Wire” is a memoir that illustrates West’s lyrical content and tells the rapper’s story, according to his publisher Simon & Schuster. The book will depict the ups and downs of Kanye’s career as well as provide an explanation of what each songs means to him personally.

West will discuss his decision to drop out of college to pursue music, his job at the Gap while trying to become a music producer at night and the famous car accident that left his mouth wired shut but eventually put him on the path to become one of hip hop biggest stars.

West teamed up with animator Bill Plympton to illustrate each of his twelve songs biographical components and lyrics.

In related news, on Tuesday, October 20, the rapper released “Glow In The Dark,” a book filled with behind-the-scenes photographs from his groundbreaking “Glow In The Dark” tour. Earlier this year he released “Thank You And You’re Welcome,” a 52-page book of aphorisms and witticisms from the Chi-Town wordsmith.

For someone who said that he was going to keep a low profile, Yeezy seems to be pretty productive, with two books and a short movie coming out… Maybe with “Through The Wire” this time the artist will be able to give us a vision of his genius mind without offending someone.

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