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Over the weekend a short movie from director Spike Jonze starring Kanye West surfaced online, titled “We Were Once A Fairy Tale.”

The 11 minute clip posted on West’s blog is an artistic vision of life in the spotlight and offers a reflection on how fame can make people act ‘crazy.’ The movie shows the rapper attending a party, behaving like a typical obnoxious star and embarrassing himself in front of the guests…
The movie was removed from the famous blog a few hours after it had been posted, with no further explanation.

Is Kanye trying to rid himself of whatever demons he’s been fighting with after he stirred a media frenzy at the VMA’s, when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech?

Maybe he is just a star who is not afraid to take risks even if it means looking stupid and hilarious. With this short surreal film the rapper appears as a sympathetic while disturbing and needy character.

Kanye West and movie director Spike Jonze had already worked together on the conceptual “Flashing Lights” music video. This short movie goes further into exploring the artist’s issues and displays them in an unexpected way. Maybe Kanye really needs this break he has been talking about, or maybe not since his creativity level seems higher than ever. Even if we may not understand everything he does, Kanye is still the best at surprising us.

Written by Valerie Varasse

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