Kanye West

Kanye West’s project to launch a clothing line, in collaboration with the brand Pastelle, has been shelved. Just one day after new advertising photos hit the web, eonline.com reports that the emotional rapper will not be moving forward with the line.

So far, Kanye’s affair with fashion has blessed the public with Nike’s Air Yeezy’s and a shoe collection for Louis Vuitton. Though we got to watch Ye rock Pastelle gear from time to time, the clothing line never actually hit stores.

However, rumors are swirling that West is either renaming the brand to Past.Tell.Museum, the name of the website that replaced Pastelle’s.

The news comes following the now infamous Taylor Swift/VMA incident, which seems to have prompted a string of Kanye cancellations, including his participation on the Fame Kills tour with Lady Gaga. In an interview with Jay Leno last month, Kanye suggested he might need to take some time away from the spotlight…

Written By Shaira Brereton

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