Kanye vs 50 cent

“I think we push each other. I feel I wouldn’t have some of the tracks on my album if it wasn’t for 50, and he wouldn’t have some of the things he had if he wasn’t up against me,” West told MTV backstage at the V Festival in Stafford, England.

The two rap superstars have been taking jabs at each other since it was revealed that 50’s “Curtis” and West‘s Graduation would be dropping on the same day. 50 set the bar very high, announcing he would retire from the game if ye’s first week sales were to surpass his own.

During an appearance on British talk show “The Friday Night Project,” Kanye responded to 50‘s claim, saying, “Please, 50, don’t retire once my album sells and beats your album.”

Who is going to have the last word?
Time will tell…


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