New Orleans is getting attention once again as one of its own, rapper Juvenile, gears up to release his tenth album. The hip-hop veteran, who dropped his first album 15 years ago, has worked hard to stay relevant, wasting no time since his 2009 effort, “Cocky and Confident,” was released. Juve’s latest, “Beast Mode,” will hit shelves on July 6.

The album’s first single, “Drop That Azz.” is similar in content to Juve’s 1999 international hit single “Back That Azz Up.” Juvenile says he crafted the song, and “Beast Mode” as a whole, “especially for my female fans out there.” The album will surely offer ladies the same inspiration that Juve tracks like “Slow Motion” and “Booty Language” have done in the past.

Juvenile is credited as one of the artists that formulated the southern rap style known as “bounce.” Though he’s been active in the music game since 1994, the former Hot Boy had to wait until 2006 to see one of his albums reach number one on the Billboard 200 list. “Reality Check,” released shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, earned Juvenile that honor.

Written by Raluca & Shaira

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