Justin Bieber’s assault charge

Justin Bieber will still have a clean record after his assault case was dropped. TMZ confirmed that Beiber’s assault case (he was accused for punching a 12-year-old at a laser tag facility in Canada) has been closed.

Bieber’s manager told TMZ that the Canadian police won’t file any charges against the pop star over the alleged attack on October 15. Sources told TMZ the alleged victim was the one who caused trouble, calling Bieber a anti-gay slur before getting into a brawl with him.

Later that day, Bieber spoke out against bullying and posted an “It Gets Better” clip saying: “Hey guys, I’m Justin Bieber. I just wanted to say there’s nothing cool about being a bully. And if you’re getting bullied, make sure to tell someone and, you know, it gets better. And if you’re a bystander, make sure to step in and, you know, help out.”

In other news, Justin Bieber met with Diddy on Tuesday (Dec. 14) at a recording studio. The two were discussing about a song that Justin came up with for Diddy’s next record. Afterwards, Diddy gave Justin a Diddy-Dirty Money jacket, and declared him an honorary group member! Diddy then proceeded to teach the teen star how to “Swag walk.” Oh well! Justin has another role model to look up to.

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