Justin Bieber: hurt by photoshop accusations, he responds with a half-naked-selfie!

Justin Bieber recently posed for the new Calvin Klein’s boxers shorts campaign, and Photoshop’s experts demonstrated that the brand had “slightly” retouched the boy to make him look more diesel. The rumor arrived up to Justin‘s ears, he decided to answer it with a look-at-me-half-naked towel pic with every muscle tended. Doesn’t Bieber support criticism? A GIF comparing two superimposed photos of his shooting was made and it shows obvious facts that the picture was retouched. Justin reportedly threatened the website Breatheveavy.com with legal actions if it doesn’t delete the GIF. Furthermore, Calvin Klein also got involved by defending the singer “Justin showed up early every day with amazing energy; he completely trusted us and gave it his all…”.

The site in question removed the mocking GIF and apologized in what we consider an ironic way. Be the judge: “We sincerely apologize to Bieber for the hit to his ego and to the millions of tweens on social media we upset: Swag swag swag, on you. Chillin’ by the fire while we eatin’ fondue. Much love”.But it was not enough for Justin, who felt obliged to answer by a selfie wearing only a towel on his hips and with the caption “Photoshop lol “. Yes he laughs openly at those who don’t believe in the existence of his muscles! However, this photo doesn’t explain the OBVIOUS Photoshop retouch during his ad with model Lara Stone

Do you think that Justin Bieber is not photoshopped ?

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