Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is certainly going to be busy this holiday. First off, Bieber will be releasing an acoustic album of his feature tracks due out on November 22. The new album will also include a new track that Justin recently recorded in Hawaii.

If that wasn’t enough, then look out for some Justin Bieber merchandise this Christmas. The pop star will be releasing some branded nail polish and Bieber dolls accompanying the release of his acoustic album.

Justin will also release his own fragrance line called “My World.” For girls, the fragrance will come infused in wristbands. For the boys, it will come in dog tags.

In other news, a teaser trailer was officially released for Justin Bieber’s 3-D documentary “Never Say Never.” The film, releasing on February 11 will go behind the scenes on his tour.

By Mufsin Mahbub

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