JR is different than most urban artists. His exhibits take place in the streets of the world, and his work mixes Art and Act, while stimulating the viewers’ reflections upon commitment, freedom, identity and limit. Considered by many as a major photo artist, JR made a reputation with his personal touch: monumental portraits displayed on public walls. Through this subversive approach of art, he aims to catch the attention of people who do not usually go to museum or art galleries.

In 2008, the French artist embarked on an international trip for “Women,” a project in which he underlines the dignity of women who are often the targets of conflicts. His stunning portraits have been in display in Brazil, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, India, Belgium and England…

And now JR is back to present the first “Women” exhibition in Paris. The monumental portraits will be displayed on the walls of Ile Saint-Louis, Pont Louis-Philippe and Pavillon de l’Arsenal, among the most ancient and upper-class neighborhood in Paris. Following other acclaimed projects such as “Portraits of a Generation” and “Face2Face,” “Women” will be the third component of JR’s masterplan “28millimeters,” named after the wide-angle lens that requires the photographer to get a closer glimpse from the model to make the portrait.

JR visited ten countries and four continents to find the 70 ladies for this exhibition. The activist photograph went to meet those living in the shadows, the real pillars of their societies despite daily violence, wars or simply discrimination. Using a street audio guide system, passers by can dial a free number from their mobile phones, to hear interviews with these women and their life-stories.

The collages started the September 21st but the exhibition will last from October 3rd to November 2nd. The exhibition is of course open 24/7.

Learn more about “Women” and JR works here.

Written by Shabazz

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