Jill Scott

The warmth of Jill Scott’s smile in The No. 1 Ladies’ 
Detective Agency makes the HBO series instant feel-good television. The show, based on the Alexander McCall Smith’s best-selling novels, is a huge hit and started a couple of weeks ago on HBO, in the U.S.
Jill Scott plays the role of Precious Ramotswe a Botswanan divorcée–turned–private investigator. The queen of soul proves that her talent does not limit to singing, poetry and performing. She has no problem translating the African culture as a Native American and handles social African issues and daily situations as if she has never experienced different. The detective in Jill Scott is far from Sherlock Holmes. But she brings good television that illustrates the rich culture of Africa.
After airing on the BBC, it was just a matter of time before a US network picked up the rights to show series and film. HBO already broadcasted the two- hour film, which served as the pilot. The other 13 one-hour episodes will be broadcasted every week from now on.
The series is an adventure, which is set in the beautiful landscape of Botswana, in Southern Africa. Jill Scott said on her website that : “It was a privilege to be working on a film which celebrates what we can learn from Africa, and not what we think we can teach it.” What we can only encourage shows which illustrated the diversity of the world.

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