Jeremih is known for his sexy music. “Birthday Sex,” double platinum record “Down On Me” … the subject matter is obvious.

But he proved that he’s not all about that. Jeremih recently took on Adele’s “Rumour Has It.” The R&B crooner stripped down the British singer’s soulful song off her multi-platinum album “21,” showing off his skills.

“You probably have never heard this type of sound from my voice, so I just wanted to touch it and see what I could do with it,” the 23-year-old Chicago native told Billboard. “I think Adele is one of the hottest new breakthrough artists. I love her sound of music. It kinda gives me the old Motown sound of music that I grew up listening to.”

Check out a different Jeremih below! A talented artist, his name will undoubtedly continue to grow.

By Noémie Jamar


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