Jeremih, US RnB revelation

Thursday April 30th Jeremih shot his hit single “Birthday Sex” music video. It’s a premiere for Jeremih, who just got signed on Def Jam and completed his first album which will be released later on this year.

Jeremih was born into music, raised by two generations of musical talent (also his cousin is part of the band “Day 26”). It’s no surprise that this young artist is so into music. Inspired by Stevie Wonder, Kanye West and Raphael Saadiq, he taught himself how to play different instruments and by the time he reached high school, Jeremih could play the sax, the drums, the piano, the bass guitar and the quads. Once he got into college, his musical dreams turned into reality.

The passion for music drove him into achieving a music business degree, where he had the chance to meet the young producer, Mick Schultz. Together they completed Jeremih’s yet untitled debut album, featuring the catchy single “ Birthday Sex”.

The vibe on the set was amusing. Thanks to the guidance and moves of all- star choreographer Tanisha Scott, the making- off of the “Birthday Sex” video looked just right. Check it out!

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