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She’s been gone for a minute, but Jennifer Lopez is now ready to return to the spotlight. After breaking away for two years following the release of her previous albums “Brave” and her Spanish debut “Como Ama Una Mujer,” J-Lo reinvented herself once again with a spicy new persona, an upcoming album called “Love?” and a memorable performance… for surprising reasons!

Indeed on Sunday November 22nd, Lopez brought pure energy to the American Music Awards stage for her comeback performance. With a pack full of oiled down male backup dancers and a neat pair of boxing gloves, Lopez showed the audience that she was back for good as she performed her first single about luxurious heels, “Louboutins.” That’s when things went wrong… Trying to land an ambitious jump from a human pyramid on stage, Jenny tripped and fell on right her backside! A sign of ill fate for the single or a mere faux-pas in her show? Anyway, it takes more than this to embarrass J-Lo! Keeping her composure, Lopez quickly got back on her feet and kept the show going like nothing ever happened. Despite some laughs in the audience, the standing ovation she received overcame the negative impact of the incident.

But the AMAs aren’t the only thing Lopez has been dancing around with lately. She’s also been dipping into a new personality named “Lola.” In October, a promotional track titled “Fresh Out The Oven” surfaced online and was released under this new alias. Speculations arose that Lopez had adopted the Lola alter ego for good, but Epic Records’ president Amanda Ghost denied the allegation… Reminds you of Beyoncé’s Sasha Fierce character? The difference is the Lola persona will remain a one-time alter ego and should not appear on J-Lo’s new album.

For her seventh studio album, Lopez has teamed up with renowned beatmakers like The Neptunes, The-Dream and Tricky Stewart: no doubt this new effort will be filled with R&B-pop bangers… Originally scheduled for a January 25th release, the album now has a booked date for either late February or early March 2010.

Written By Shabazz

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