Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has managed to successfully block her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, from distributing a video that includes the couple in sexual situations while on their 1997 honeymoon. Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant of Los Angeles County has issued a temporary restraining order to stall Ojani Noa from releasing “The J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story.”

Lopez sued Noa on Friday, November 6th, for $10 million with allegations that he breached a previous confidentiality agreement by trying to sell the movie, which features home video footage of the couple. The suit also alleges invasion of privacy by “public disclosure of private facts which would be offensive and objectionable to a reasonable person which is not of legitimate public concern.”

J.Lo and her ex are by no means new to legal entanglements. In 2004, Noa sued Lopez, claiming that she fired him, without cause, as the manager of her Pasadena restaurant. Noa received a $125,000 settlement and agreed not to sell private details about her or their relationship.

In 2007, Lopez sued Noa and received $545,000 in damages stemming from a lawsuit that blocked him from publishing a tell-all book about the entertainer.

Written by Shaira Brereton

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