Jay Z: the 10 craziest scandals he was involved in.

Biggie Smalls once said, “Mo ‘money, Mo’ problems!” And as the financial health of Jay Z continues to improve over the years, it’s normal that the rapper is left with multiple lawsuits from people interested in doing easy money or willing to establish the truth on a song’s production. Here are the top 10 scandals that Jay Z has been involved in:The music industry is in shock. A California Court of Justice held that Marvin Gaye’s family would receive a portion of the royalties from the worldwide hit “Blurred Lines”. But Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke were not alone to have to cut a check. A few days later, Jay Z has agreed to pay the composer Bruno Spoerri 50% of his royalties for the song “Versus”. Jay Z has indeed used a track released in 1979 “On The Way” without his permission.Like many of Jay’s song, “Big Pimpin”, released in the 2000s was a worldwide hit. But Osama Akmed Fahmy did not enjoy it because according to him, Jay had stolen the track “Khosara Khosara” from his ancestor Baligh Hamdi. The latter composed the track in 1960 for the Egyptian film “Fata Ahlami”. The court will decide in October 2015 when Jay and his friend Timbaland will find an agreement on the money to be paid.This is probably the most absurd trial of history. When Jay Z recorded “Run This Town”, he sampled the interjection “Oh” from the song “Hook and Sling – Part I” by the musician Eddie Bo. The latter has taken the matter to court. In 2014, Judge Lewis A. Kaplan decided to dismiss the charge in holding that the interjection “oh” is a common word used alone and there is no copyright required for it.Jay and Beyonce may be “Drunk in Love,” but their romance ended before the judges in December 2014. The Hungarian artist Mitsou sued the couple (and Timbaland) stating that the couple had sampled her voice without permission on the intro of “Drunk In Love”. The lyrics are taken from a 1995 song “Gypsy Life on the Road.”Outside the world of music, Jay Z also has some problems in his other businesses. He has bought the name and the use of “Brooklyn Nets”, but a man named Francois Cassagnol said he had already bought the name years prior Hov. Another case open that Jay Z will face this year.In 2012, Jay-Z has filed a lawsuit against his former chef. The rapper and his business partners sued Mike Shand who was chief in Jay’s restaurant the “40/40 Club” in Manhattan for $1.5 million. Instead of doing what he was hired for, Jay Z said that Mike disappeared and stole the recipes to some of the restaurant menus including the famous chicken wings. The star decided to drop the case later on.Jay Z was also prosecuted for failing to pay royalties to the man who designed the logo of his Roc-A-Fella Records, Dwayne Walker. The deal was to pay him $3,500 plus 2% of all income of the company for 10 years. But Dwayne said he only received 3500 dollars.Strange as it may seem, a homeless woman, Tina Seals, sued Jay and Bey in August 2014, claiming that she was the real mother of Blue Ivy. Tina said that she had something to do with the birth of Blue, and therefore requested to check the maternity plus a “compensation for her services”. The judge handling the case immediately dropped the charges against the Carters for a “serious lack of evidence and facts”, pointing that Tina had filed at least 27 lawsuits since May 2014…In 2012, Jay Z and Kanye West have faced Syl Johnson in court. The soul singer said that the duo had sampled his song “Different Strokes” in “Watch The Throne” without his permission. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the charges were dropped.And the most bewildering charge against Jay Z returns to this Ohio woman who, in May 2012, has requested 500 billion because her car was confiscated and Jay would have “something to do with it.”

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