Jay Z: he would have had a secret child.

Jay Z has been overtaken by a case that will probably shake his relationship with Beyonce. According to the court of justice of the United States, the rapper is tied up in a ugly legal battle with a 21 year old man who claims that his mother, had an adventure with Jay.An English magazine has just dusted off this explosive case… Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay Z, is being dragged to the court of justice by Rymir Satterthwaite, a young rapper who claims to be his son! The latter states that his mother, Wanda, had a relationship with Jay in the 90s, and after years of coverage by Hova, he decided to finally tell the truth. According to the magazine, Rymir and his legal guardian Lillie Colley, have both accused Blue Ivy’s father of lying to the court of Justice of New Jersey to avoid a paternity test.In 2010, a judge dismissed a similar case in which a mother had tried to force Jay Z to submit a paternity test after forcing another man to do it even when this one had nothing to do with the child.After examining photos of Jay Z and Rymir, Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon, said Jay Z may indeed be the father of the young man “Their facial structures appear very similar! It could be a sign of inheritance.“The spokesman of Jay Z has not commented on the case, but the magazine pointed out that “Rymir has been struggling to pay college and medical bills, as he said on his website – all while dealing with the trauma of profound rejection”.This is the second case in which Jay Z must face such charges. In 2011, the rapper had to pay a model named Shanelle Scott $1 million in return for keeping his name off of a birth certificate of a son that she claimed he fathered 13 years prior.Do you think that Jay Z has a secret child?

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