Jay Z & Beyoncé to release a joint album soon?

After all the criticism and the negative comments about Jay Z ‘s music streaming service Tidal, it seems that the hip-hop mogul has decided to bring out the big guns. According to Complex magazine Hov might be releasing a joint album with his wife Beyoncé. After launching various exclusive contents on the platform, the the long-rumored and highly anticipated project might be ready to come to life soon according to Vania Schlogel a Tidal senior executive . In a recent interview with Digital Trends, the executive didin’t confirm the rumor, remaining quite optimistic as regards the potential album. Here’s an excerpt of her answer: “I don’t think we will disappoint our fans and our subscribers. I think it’s going to be really exciting, because the artists do feel like they have the ability to collaborate and work with each other. They all work as a team. The other exciting piece of it is Tidal Rising which we launched a week or two ago. Tidal rising is us putting a spotlight on indie emerging artists. There’s going to be continued collaborations around that too. It’s not just going to be 16 artists on stage. It’s basically going to be a creative hub. Tidal discovery, which will be launching within the next week, that’s going to allow any artist, signed or not, to upload their music to Tidal.” We are clearly lookin forward to hearing this project!

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