Jay Z & Beyoncé: they bail out Baltimore protesters.

The recent riots and uprisings that occurred in Baltimore raised awareness in the African American community as regards police brutality and racial profiling. The assassination of Freddy Gray elicited a lot of reactions in the entertainment world, but people seemed to focus more about what the power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé had to say or what they would do to show support to the community. Their alleged lack of involvement has been a recurrent topic on social media and even in the past when they showed a little support (as for Jay Z during the occupy Wall Street movement) they either didn’t do enough, were suspected of having hidden agendas or personal interests in doing so. However according to Jay Z’s long-time collaborator Dream Hampton, the Carters have given “tens of thousands” to bail out protesters who’ve been locked up during the demonstrations. The activist Shaun King claimed that Jay Z had “given financially to people working on the ground in Ferguson” and also that he still pays the tuition for the children of Sean Bell, more than eight years after his death. The Carters asked their involvement to be kept quiet. Do you think their charitable behavior hides ulterior motives?

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