Jay Z & Beyoncé: their joint album to be released soon on Tidal.

Ever since last year, rumor has been spread around that Beyoncé and Jay Z were working on a joint album after the success of their On The Run tour and the many hit songs they have released together. The man who first broke the news has just revealed that the album is almost done and that it will be a Tidal’s exclusive.

DJ Skee, a famous DJ based in Los Angeles broke the news on his Skee TV Show that Queen Bee and Hov’s joint album was almost completed and that the couple aim at releasing it exclusively on Jay Z’s new streaming service Tidal. This would not be surprising as the service is considered a flop so far with failing numbers in the Apple App store and artists by the likes of Kanye West deleting their tweets about the company.

Yesterday, as news that Tidal begins to tank, Ye, who was one of the biggest supporters to date, has surprinsingly erased any mention of the company on his Twitter feed.

Between the fact that it bricked on the Apple App store and that its supporters are moving away, is Jay Z and Beyoncé’s album TIDAL’s last hope?

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