Jay-Z Announces Charity Concert at Carnegie Hall

During a press conference on December 8, Jay-Z declared his premiere at New York City’s Carnegie Hall on February 6 and 7. Most of the tickets, which price from $500 to $2,500, will be auctioned to affluent followers on December 12, however some will be sold for a lesser amount to the public on January 30. 

All profits will be donated to the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation and United Way of New York, two aid organizations which aim to reduce dropout rates in the city’s public school system and award scholarships to recipients in the area. Hov’s foundation, which was founded by him and his mother, Gloria, has already given over $1.1 million in the form of 750 scholarships, according to the foundation’s website

During the conference Jay described his feelings about the event “It’s every artists dream to play a venue as legendary as Carnegie Hall. The fact that I can use the arts and my talent to benefit the education of the next generation of artists, entrepreneurs, and great thinkers makes for a legendary night. I’m proud to be a part of the continuing work of United Way of New York City and expanding the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation.” Jay elaborated on the changing economic landscape “There was a ton of blue-collar jobs that no longer exist, and the gap is wider than ever, and the kids need to really know that and be prepared…To really succeed in this new America they are going to need an education. Not everyone can be entertainers and hit the lottery — that’s what I call it.”

Check out Rap Radar’s footage of the press conference below. 

David Woodson

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