Jay Z and Beyonce: a business man buys the house they spotted in Los Angeles

The power-couple wanted to move to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles for the new year, but the mansion that they had planned to buy has been sold to a Swedish millionaire who is no one other but the creator of Minecraft video game! The battle for the house was declared at the end of 2014, and the Carters are more than disappointed…This property, built on Beverly Hills’s heights and located at the 1181 N Hillcrest Road, was put on sale a few years ago for $70 million , which makes it Beverly Hills’s most expensive villa, and guess who was interested in it? Jay Z and Beyonce! However they aren’t the only ones to be able to drop 70M like this… According to a source close to the couple, they were “this” close to get the house after they made a proposal of purchase for a little less than the asking price, but Markus Persson pulled the blanket to him by paying the sum CASH and in only 6 days. Still according to the source, Jay Z and Beyonce “really wanted the house”, and they found nothing else interesting. “Terribly disappointed “, the couple thinks of moving off of Los Angeles to settle down somewhere else …Here is what they say goodbye to: a 23.000 foot squares property including 8 bed rooms, 15 bathrooms, fitness gym, swimming pool, a garage and its cars included (among which a Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Aston martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini), a tequila and vodka bar, a candy-room, fountains and panoramic windows controlled by IPad, a home cinema with 18 sits, chairs signed Roberto Cavalli and Bentley for $3.700 and $56.000 each and cases of champagne Dom Pérignon in the middle of a personal wine cellar of 2.500 bottles. A perfect place for the two stars!

Do you think that Jay Z & Beyonce are sore losers?

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