Jay Z: a ​​picture of him with Wanda Satterthwaite surfaces; he might be the father of her child

It has been a month since Jay Z is sin a legal battle with a 21-year-old rapper named Rymir Satterthwaite. The latter claims to be the son of the rapper, born of a relationship between Jay and his mother Wanda in the 90s, a story that Jay Z totally denies. But yesterday, a picture of him with Wanda surfaced, and it brought back the rumors of a hidden son …A source made a revelation to a gossip website, which could have serious consequences for Jay Z. This person said: “Jay Z knows he used to smash Wanda [regularly] back in the day”. But that’s not all, to reinforce his statement; the anonymous source attached a photo showing Wanda in Jay Z’s arms.He adds: “Wanda told Rymir (her son) that Jay Z is his father.

As TRACE previously told, Rymir, 21, her mother and legal guardian Lillie Coley dragged Beyoncé’s husband in a procedure of justice to force the rapper to do a paternity test after Wanda claimed having sex with Jay Z in the 90s. But Hov refused to submit to testing, and denies any relationship with Wanda and Rymir. Professionals have mentioned the resemblance between the two men, and some are formal: their faces have a lot of similarities.

Coley, the legal guardian of the boy said she will do everything to prove that Jay Z is the father “The miracle will still happen,” Coley said. “We’re up against a guy with all this money and we’re still here.” The “Empire State Of Mind” ’s rapper has already been involved in a similar scandal in the past with a model named Shanelle Scott. He cut her a 7 figures check to end the situation If it turns out that Jay Z is the father of Rymir, this could be a real shake in Jay-Beyoncé couple.

Do you think Jay Z and Rymir look alike?

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