After the successful launches of a club (40/40 in NYC) and a clothing brand (Rocawear), Jay-Z is ready to offer a product directly linked with music: headphones. The man who sold more than 40 million albums worldwide has teamed up, via his label Roc Nation, with electronic company Skullcandy to release the Roc Nation Aviator headphones in a new joint venture.

“Our passion is creating amazing music. We’re dedicated to delivering the best in live performances. Now with the Roc Nation/Skullcandy partnership, we’re offering the best way for people to experience the soundtrack of their lives,” Jay-Z said in a statement. Seems like Dr. Dre and Diddy, with Beats by Dr. Dre and Diddy Beats headphones, have some competition on their hands. Hov’s product promises a platinum sound performance, is made of superior metal, has memory foam ear cushions, and will be released in brown, white and black. The trendy headphones will start at $149, at least $30 less than the ones put on the market by the rapper’s two direct competitors.

Known for being one of the most financially successful hip hop artists and entrepreneurs in the US, Jay-Z recently spoke out about his management style. “I just feel that I have a different way of running things, which I think is working out well. I let people make mistakes, and push them to be creative,” he said about his sense of running a team. So far, it has worked. His new product just may be the continuation of that success since it will hit stores, during June. As Hov clearly believes in the power of marketing, you can almost already see some Roc Nation Aviator headphones in future videos, on the ears of Wale, Melanie Fiona or J-Cole and maybe… Beyoncé?

Written by Raluca & Shaira

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