Jason Derulo drunk & crying

Jason Derulo, one of the bigger success stories of the end of the last decade, is putting the final touches on his sophomore album “Future History,” which is due in September. The album will be lead by the single “Don’t Wanna Go Home,” which currently sits at No. 17 on the Hot 100.

2010’s album “Jason Derulo” was hugely successful and people are waiting to see if his new effort will be as good. Derulo said in an interview with Billboard.com that his new album is different, more diverse than his first and it will include at least 2 very special tracks.

“I’ve got a song on the album that I recorded totally drunk…cause that’s just what it was at that time. I can never recapture that. Me being sober would just not be the same, because at that moment that’s what I was feeling and how I’m saying it is exactly how it’s supposed to be said.” On another song, “Grieving,” he was “crying in the booth… it’s just that emotional and personal to me.”

Prior to the album’s release, Derulo is putting out “Future History” webisodes that chronicle the making of the album. This will surely keep fans entertained till September comes around…

By Noémie Jamar

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