Jam Master Jay

On October 30, 2002 Hip Hop lost one of its most important activist, Jam Master Jay.

Jam Master Jay, born Jason Mizell, was gunned down in his recording studio, 24/7, on October 30, 2002.
And like Tupac Shakur¹s murder, nobody was arrested.

But five years later, a new clue may have surfaced to help apprehend the murderer who shot and killed Run DMC DJ.

Randy Allen, Jam Master Jay’s best friend, has revealed his sister Lydia High, claims that the gunman had a tattoo on his neck.

According to her, two men walked into the studio and one of them embraced Jay and then shot him.

They came in an open studio door and one gunman pointed a gun to High’s head, while the other man greeted Jam Master Jay and then shot him.

Allen says he was in a recording studio booth with a female singer before he heard two gunshots.

He rushed into the main studio room, where he found Uriel “Tony” Rincon and Jam Master Jay.

The first gunshot missed Jay and hit Rincon in the leg, while the second hit Jay in the head, fatally wounding him.

High claims that a criminal from Queens named Tinard Washington and an unknown man walked into the studio and embraced Jay, before firing two shots.

Washington is currently incarcerated on burglary charges, but still denied being present during the shooting.

Allen thinks Rincon can identify the second gunman and according to him, Jam Master Jay’s murderer can be somebody in the neighborhood, in Hollis, Queens and hope all these new clues will help to find the gunman.

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