Is Piqué’s hard time Shakira’s fault?

Is Gerard Piqué trying too hard? That is the question being asked by the Spanish media! For several months now, the Barcelona defender has barely set foot on the pitch. His coach Pep Guardiola recently benched him during a crucial champion’s league match.  Gerard Piqué is no longer the impenetrable wall that led Barcelona to the top in 2011.

In Spain, some think they’ve found why: Gerard Piqué is all over the place. Between Shakira and all the offers that keep pouring in. Brands just can’t get enough of him and he can’t say no. Like this campaign for Mango, for example. In the evening, he dines in a Japanese restaurant in the heart of Barcelona where he’s he regularly steps out to with his girlfriend Shakira.

Pep Guardiola has warned that this lifestyle is no longer compatible with that of a top athlete. Piqué defended his girlfriend, saying that his relationship with Shakira had no effect on his performances on the pitch. “In 2011 we won the Liga and the champion’s league, and I was already dating her”, he said. Message heard loud and clear.




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