Is Michael Phelps lazy?

Michael Phelps is lazy. Don’t take it from us, his former training partner, Tyler Clary, who’ll also be competing in London, says so. Tyler is highly critical of Phelps. According to him, Phelps didn’t do anything to truly make an impact on the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. If you believe Clary, Phelps relied on his talent alone and didn’t train properly. So, in a nutshell, Michael Phelps became the greatest swimmer of all time in Beijing, winning 8 Olympic gold medals, breaking 7 world and one Olympic record, without pulling his weight during practice? Sounds like a pretty far fetched theory.

Being the great champion that he is, Phelps decided to smooth things out with his colleague. The two athletes are said to have met and sorted out their differences. Now we just can’t wait to see what Michael “Lazybones” Phelps has in store for us in the Olympic pool!

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